At Linden Road Academy the whole school community is proud of everything we do, this is due to our Growth Mindset, high expectations and commitment to being the best we can possibly be at all times. Our learning never finishes, we are all thirsty to grow and develop to be better citizens day by day. Whether its looking smart, making outstanding progress, saying a  cheery 'Good Morning!', having beautiful table manners or being a great friend our students always seek feedback to improve day by day and lesson by lesson. #proudtobelinden is at the core of our approach to British Values, PSHE and Personal Development.

Our Friday assemblies are a celebration of the achievements that pupils make inside and outside of school. Our assemblies are always bursting with Linden Pride #proudtobelinden.


What our students say about Linden Road Academy...

" We are a very good school because we dress smart and keep tucked in. It is very quiet and hardly has any distractions. It has a great Learning Zone. There are many places to learn. We can get on and have a laugh and a joke but we know when to stop. Its amazing!"

"Linden Road is very motivational" 

"I always want to come to school. I love the lessons that we have. It feels like home." 

"I am proud to be Linden because it is inspiring." 

" I like how they give is that little push to stardom, friendship and high school." 

"Its clean and colourful. I love all the books." 

"I am proud of my homework." 


Ofsted 2023 

"Pupils work hard to meet the high expectations of their teachers. For example, pupils are keen to collect merits and badges in recognition of their positive behaviour, effort and achievements. They achieve well across the curriculum. Parents and carers told the inspector that they value being invited to weekly celebration assemblies to share in their children’s successes."


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At Linden Road we have a range of rewards that celebrate the success of the full range of experiences 

These include:



These are awarded for a range of reasons Growth Mindset, exceptional work, progress, behaviour for learning etc.

Merits are also awarded for behaviour and conduct around school.

Merit Badges are awarded at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. 

Students then move on to Diploma, Degree and Doctorate awards.

After this students select an area of personal or academic development and half their merits are awarded for this aspect and the other half as before students are then aiming for Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond awards


Class merits 

Pupils work collaboratively to achieve class merits, they collect merits by working as a team, achieving class goals and for making excellent progress as a class. Class merits are collected and when complete, the class are able to choose a class reward for their efforts. This could be an afternoon in the woods, a visit from the ice cream van or a dodgeball competition in the hall! 



Every week, staff or students identify the two students that have made the most progress academically over the past week. They then receive a certificate in Achievement Assembly.

At the end of each half term, term and year the teacher identifies the students who have made the most academic progress.


Sports Star of the Week

Is awarded to one student who has made excellent progress from each class weekly.


Kindness certificates 

Kindness certificates can be awarded at any time for any act of kindness. They are awarded by staff or pupils who recognise kindness in others. 



Each week the class with the lowest number of lates or the highest % attendance receives a Golden Ticket that can be used as a treat of the classes choice.

Half termly there are rewards for students with 100% attendance as well as improved attendance. 


Principal's Commendation

This is awarded to students who show exemplary commitment to being #proudtobelinden. This could be an action in or outside of school.

Students who have made great progress within a lesson may also go and see the Principal for recognition and reward. Work may also be displayed on our #proudtobelinden display in the Learning Zone.


Reading Certificates 

Pupils receive certificates for moving up a level on Reading Plus. These are awarded in our Friday assemblies to recognise the progress that children have made in Reading.


Homework, Presentation and Handwriting 

We have been working hard on our handwriting and presentation of our learning. For improvements in these areas, children receive certificates to recognise their success. 

Children are also recognised and rewarded for their efforts in homework. Staff and pupils will vote on homework projects and the winners will receive a prize! 

The Linden Road Academy Charter

The whole academy community will strive to be:


Linden Road Academy will:

  • Make work challenging, exciting, interesting and varied.
  • Motivate and develop children’s behaviour for learning and Growth Mindset.
  • Help children improve their learning so that they make the best possible progress.
  • Provide a safe and happy environment where everyone respects each other.
  • Ensure that all staff are great role models for children and the Linden Road Academy community.
  • Prepare students for high school and lifelong learning.


Parents and carers will:

  • Ensure that their child wears the correct uniform.
  • Expect the correct behaviour from their children; supporting them in developing great behaviours for learning and a Growth Mindset.
  • Act as role models for their children and the whole Linden Road Academy community by acting appropriately and wearing appropriate clothing when on the school premises.
  • Make sure that their child attends school regularly and does not take holidays within school term-time.
  • Make sure that homework and home learning tasks are completed, and take an active role in their child’s learning.
  • Be constructive about the school, looking for solutions when there may be difficulties and providing feedback when things are going well.


Students will:

  • Have the correct attitude towards other students and be fantastic role models.
  • Have a Growth Mindset.
  • Complete class and homework on time and to the very best of their abilities.
  • Wear the correct uniform; look smart.
  • Always have the correct PE kit in school for lessons and after school clubs.
  • Tell their parents they do not want to go on holiday during term time.
  • Come to school on time.
  • Be kind to new students joining the school.


The Local Governing Body will:

  • Ensure that the school delivers an excellent quality of education.
  • Monitor that the academy implements all policies, procedures and legal responsibilities efficiently and effectively.
  • Hold the school accountable for performance and development of staff and children alike.



       Principal: Mr Greaves                                                                       


By attending Linden Road Academy students and their parents/carers agree to uphold this Academy Charter.