Art Curriculum Intent

Art at Linden Road Academy aims to provide visual, tactile and sensory experiences for our pupils and a platform which allows them to respond to the world around them. It enables pupils of all abilities to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, form, pattern and different materials. We believe that all pupils should be able to succeed in Art with a growth mindset, resilient learning behaviours and Quality First Teaching.

In our Foundation Stage, the children are taught to express themselves using a variety of different media, materials and texture.  They can use stories, role play, music and their own experiences to draw and construct their own models and art pieces.  They can explore and use a variety of tools and techniques safely and independently; artistic opportunities can be found in all areas of the Foundation Stage, not just in the creative area.

Pupils use sketchbooks to explore and develop ideas. Here, they record their responses to artwork, notes about artists and details about developing their own work.  They can also explore, try, test and improve on new techniques that they have learnt. By using their evaluative and growth mindsets, pupils make good progress and can feel a sense of pride and achievement on completion.

Each year group focuses on one drawing, painting and mixed media project, ensuring they are exposed to a broad Art curriculum that builds upon skills sequentially. By developing these skills year on year, we aim to improve on skills so that our pupils become confident and enthusiastic artists.

Our curriculum exposes pupils to a variety of art, styles and artists from a range of time periods and cultures.  They use this as inspiration to create their own unique styles and also to explore how Art changes throughout history.

By the time our children move into Key Stage Three, we intend them to be artistic risk takers, evaluators, reflective and engaged learners.  They will have a good knowledge of art and culture, a bank technical vocabulary, but most importantly, an appreciation of Art and confidence in what they can achieve.


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Art Curriculum

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