Geography Curriculum Intent

Through our teaching of Geography, we intend to open up the world for our pupils; providing them with knowledge about places, environments and people alongside the skills they need to successfully explore and study them.

In the Early Years, pupils begin their geographical journey through “Understanding the World” - it is here that the geographical foundations of learning begin. From human and physical characteristics discussed in story books to getting outside and observing the weather, our learning environments and topics encourage pupils to become inquisitive and curious learners from the moment they walk through the door.

Continuing through school, our thematic curriculum aims to immerse pupils into their learning. Year 1 pupils explore Geography through a Pirate Adventure whilst Year 2 expand and deepen their knowledge in Awesome Africa – here pupils begin to compare geographical similarities and differences between where they live and other places around across the world.

Year 3 continues the journey into Key Stage Two with geographical studies focussing around Amazing South America. Year 4 pupils aim to ‘Save Our World’ by understanding issues around protecting our planet and climate change.

Year 5 consolidates learning through the context of ‘Survival’ and finally, Year 6 pupils question whether treacherous journeys across the globe are really ‘Worth the Risk?’ - pulling together all of their knowledge and skills that have been acquired throughout their time at Linden Road.

Our progressive and sequential planning aims for skills and knowledge to be built upon, embedded and recapped with an aim to commit learning to long-term memory.  Key knowledge is taught from EYFS and throughout KS1 and KS2, which includes: learning about the local area, the UK and the world and its continents. Geographical understanding is taught through understanding places, making comparisons and physical and human themes. Skills, knowledge and understanding progress carefully throughout the years under the Key themes of: Locational knowledge, Place knowledge, Human Processes, Physical Processes and Geographical Techniques.


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Geography Curriculum

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