The Linden Charter




The Linden Road Academy Charter

The whole academy community will strive to be:


Linden Road Academy will:

  • Make work challenging, exciting, interesting and varied.
  • Motivate and develop children’s behaviour for learning and Growth Mindset.
  • Help children improve their learning so that they make the best possible progress.
  • Provide a safe and happy environment where everyone respects each other.
  • Ensure that all staff are great role models for children and the Linden Road Academy community.
  • Prepare students for high school and lifelong learning.


Parents and carers will:

  • Ensure that their child wears the correct uniform.
  • Expect the correct behaviour from their children; supporting them in developing great behaviours for learning and a Growth Mindset.
  • Act as role models for their children and the whole Linden Road Academy community by acting appropriately and wearing appropriate clothing when on the school premises.
  • Make sure that their child attends school regularly and does not take holidays within school term-time.
  • Make sure that homework and home learning tasks are completed, and take an active role in their child’s learning.
  • Be constructive about the school, looking for solutions when there may be difficulties and providing feedback when things are going well.


Students will:

  • Have the correct attitude towards other students and be fantastic role models.
  • Have a Growth Mindset.
  • Complete class and homework on time and to the very best of their abilities.
  • Wear the correct uniform; look smart.
  • Always have the correct PE kit in school for lessons and after school clubs.
  • Tell their parents they do not want to go on holiday during term time.
  • Come to school on time.
  • Be kind to new students joining the school.


The Local Governing Body will:

  • Ensure that the school delivers an excellent quality of education.
  • Monitor that the academy implements all policies, procedures and legal responsibilities efficiently and effectively.
  • Hold the school accountable for performance and development of staff and children alike.



       Principal: Mr Greaves                                                                       Chair of Local Governing Body: Mrs Whitfield


By attending Linden Road Academy students and their parents/carers agree to uphold this Academy Charter.